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Malappuram district has a good tradition in the field of art and culture. Many of the renowned writers and poets hail from this part of the land. The revival of the Malayalam stage was initiated by the late P.S. Varier, the founder of Arya Vaidya Sala. It was under his patronage that the Parama Siva Vilasam Dramatic Company was started in Kottakal to promote Malayalam drama, at a time when only Tamil drama troupes had their sway. A permanent hall to stage Malayalam drama, was built at Kottakkkal. Later this dramatic club was renamed as P.S.V. Natyasangham where Kathakali is the main programme now. A Kathakali School is also run by the Natyasangham. Of the popular theatre, K. Damodaran's Pattabakki and Cherukad's Nammal Onnu played an important role.

Kolkali, Draff Muttu and Aravana Muttu of Muslim community are important folk art forms of the district. Chavittukali or Cherumakkali is another ancient art of Malappuram.The living exponent of Sopana Sangeetham, Nheralath Rama Poduval, hails from Angadipuram. The district has a good network of libraries. The Kerala Grandhasala Sangham is very active here. There are 332 affiliated libraries, 140 in Ernad, 86 in Tirur, 66 in Perintalmanna and 40 in Ponnani taluks under the Library Council. Four Taluk library Unions are functioning under the District Library Council.

With a number of Temples, Mosques & Churches, Malapuram abounds in fairs & festivals. Some important ones are given below.
Thriumandhamkunnu Pooram

Thirumandahmkunnu Pooram is an important temple festival of Central Malabar. Thriumandhamkunnu temple is said to be one among the three important Bhagavathi temples of Kerala, the others being Kodungallur and Panayanarkavu. The Pooram festival is for seven days. Daily pooja attracts thousands of devotees. The famous Mangalya Pooja attracts thousands of young girls, who seeks fortune of a good wedlock. Thirumandhamkunnu is 2 kms. west of Perinatalmanna, in the Kozhikode - Pahjhlakkad state high way.

Kottakkal Pooram

Kottakkal, the seat of Ayurvedic treatment is also famous for its temple festival. Kottakkal pooram, celebrated during March-April is attractive for its cultural festivity. During the seven days, famous classical artistes of the country perform here.

Nilambur Pattu

Nilambur Pattu is an ancient festival. It is conducted by Nilambur Kovilakam during February. Thousands gather to witness this week long celebration. The festival is related to ancient war and hunting. Tribal chieftains have important roles in the rituals

Kondotty Nercha

Kondotty Nercha is a week long festival in March. The Nercha is conducted in Pazhayangadi Mosque of Kondotty, constructed in the 18th century A.D.. the Tomb of Mohammed Sha, the Sufi exponent, is close to the mosque. it was constructed in Mughal style. The Nercha has an inter-religious expression in its Petty Varavu. Thousands gather during the Nercha which assumes carnival proportions with hectic trade and amusemnts.

Puthenpalli Nercha
The 'Andu Nercha' of Puthenpadappu in the south-west border of the district, is also famous. Lakhs of devotees attend this annual festival of the mosque. As a part of the festival, 'Neychor' (Ghee Rice) is distributed to devotees and the poor.
Omanur Nercha
Omanur Nercha is a famous mosque festival in Malappuram district, celebrated in memory of martyrs. Omanur is 6 km away from Kondotty.
Malaparamba Perunnal

The church festival at Malaparamba near Angadipuram is famous. Church festivals in Pariyapuram, Chungathara, and Edakkara in summer also attracts plenty of devotees. Small and big religious festivals are conducted in almost all parts of the district during summer. Bakrid, Id-ul-suha and Muharam of Muslims, 'Thiruvathira' and 'Navarathri' of Hindus and Christmas of Christians, along with 'Onam', common to all sects are celebrated. An intermingling fragrance of 'Oppanappattu', 'Duff Muttu', 'Kaikottikali', and 'Margamkali'; prevails all over the district during 'Onam'. A Tourism Festival for one week, with a variety of cultural programmes, is also organised.

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